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Badass AUGUST FEROCE wheels (Pair)

Badass AUGUST FEROCE wheels (Pair)

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Badass AUGUST FEROCE pair of wheels! Super rare!

⭐IN GOOD CONDITIONS!!! They can still have some scratches and little curb damage, but very minor stuff. Unrestored state!  Bare in mind that wheels can have small distorsions because we don't have the tools to test them. We offer also paint and polishing serivce. Check the photos

IMPORTANT: THIS ITEM TAKES TIME TO DELIVER (up to 2 months usually) BECAUSE IS DIRECTLY IMPORTED. Final delivery to you will be handled with courier or Post, that's your choice.

Size: 14inches 7J Offset-2 Aggressive size! PCD 4x114. Size that was used on various legendary AE86 and S13 in the 90's.

⭐Legendary Japanese wheel! 

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