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Japanese cup holder from Initial D

Japanese cup holder from Initial D

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⭐Beautiful Japanese cup holder, made famous by the anime INITIAL D !!! Takumi's Toyota Sprinter Trueno AE86 had it with the famous Bunta's paper cup.
STORY BEHIND THIS CUP HOLDER: In order to make Takumi better at drifting, Bunta decided to pu a paper cup filled with water in this cup holder, Tak needed to improve his skills on the mountain pass by not making the water come out from the paper cup.


⭐The cup holder holds a regular beer or smaller cans.

⭐Universal fit, you need only to put it on a straight cut AC vent, check the instructions photo.

⭐It allows air to pass through if it's not holding a can making the model car swing!!! When holding a can it helps to keep your beverage cold or hot, depending on your selected A/C program.

⭐A must have for the every Initial D fan and obviously for JDM cars enthusiasts!
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