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Mad Hero

Japanese Les Plus - bucket seat

Japanese Les Plus - bucket seat

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Beautiful and rare Les Plus Japanese bucket seat!

Straight from the 70's and 80's!

⭐VERY GOOD CONDITIONS! Some scratches on the back.  You'll obviously need to redrill the holes to fit your car seat rails. Check the photos

Suit very well old Japanese cars from the Showa era, as well as the classics like Silvia, S13, Miata etc...

Original item, very light weight (7kg) and made of fiberglass.

Doesn't fit big people, you need to consider that this is a Japanese seat!

Some MAD HERO old school STICKERS INCLUDED!!! Back in the 90's you could see a lot of stickers on the back of the bucket seats of drifters and racers, so we'll love to see that again! (stickers will be chosen by us to fit the style, but in case you already have chosen some, let us know by email or DM and we will include them!)

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