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PAGID - Racing Brake Pads (pair) for Silvia S15

PAGID - Racing Brake Pads (pair) for Silvia S15

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RS 42 compound offers a medium friction coefficient with an immediate response to low temperatures. It breaks in quickly. Compound for rally use and also widely used on single-seaters and touring cars.

RSL 29 compound offers excellent modulation and initial attack, with a friction coefficient that remains constant. Easy to break in. Very popular in club racing and track days, used on GT cars, Touring cars and endurance prototypes, but thanks to the excellent modulability often also used in sprint races.

RSL 1 compound is suitable for use in endurance races, featuring good thermal stability in relation to the friction coefficient and low pad and disc wear. Low effort on the pedal, moderately progressive behavior during braking while maintaining good modulation. Suitable for GT and touring cars, intended for endurance races, thanks to its characteristics it can also be used in shorter races.

RSL 2 compound is an endurance compound derived from RSL 1. The friction level is positioned between the RSL 1 and the RS 29 but with an improvement in pad and disc consumption and with excellent stability of the friction coefficient at all temperatures. The basic characteristics of low pedal effort, moderately progressive behavior during braking and good modulability have been maintained. Suitable for GT cars, Touring cars and endurance prototypes.


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