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Sprint Filter

SPRINT FILTERS-Panel Air Filter, for Nissan 350Z

SPRINT FILTERS-Panel Air Filter, for Nissan 350Z

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Filtration degree 80 microns, with guaranteed air passage of 5050 l./m²sec: these values ​​make the P08 a very versatile and efficient filter, suitable for road use but with strong performance characteristics: 5050 l./m²sec, in fact, they represent a quantity of air unattainable by filters with other materials.

Measurements: 278x168 mm

Item code: P039S and waterproof version P039S-WP

Available also the WATERPROOF VERSION! This one is only air filter in the world with water proof characteristics (Sprint Filter patent which allows it to be the only manufacturer in the world to produce waterproof air filters for internal combustion engines).  The weave of the fabric guarantees a filtration degree of 37 microns, therefore a very high filtering power, which combined with the water proof capabilities makes this type of filter particularly suitable for use in harsh conditions. The guaranteed air passage of 4500 l./m2sec practically guarantees the same power increases as the regular Sprint racing filter.

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