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TOMMYKAIRA - Turbo Boost meter - JDM Import

TOMMYKAIRA - Turbo Boost meter - JDM Import

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⭐TOMMYKAIRA Boost Turbo meter!!! AS USED ON TOMMYKAIRA SKYLINES! Discontinued item (30 years old), super rare and original item.

The gauge is in the restoring process, it will come out like the one you see pictured, which is in my personal collection. Restoration involves black paint on the outer ring, general cleanup, and new light bulb. 

⭐UNIVERSAL FIT for Turbo or Supercharged cars. It needs to be connected with a silicone hose to a free vacuum of your air intake.
⭐Perfect for any Jdm fan.

⭐Year of production: 80's/90's
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