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Back melody, Japanese girl voice & tune

Back melody, Japanese girl voice & tune

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⭐Crazy Japanese back melody!
Back up voice alarm (Japanese girl) saying "please be careful, the car is backing up!"

⭐NEW  IN THE BOX! Item may have some variations in appereance.

⭐Perfect for any Japan fan!

⭐You can choose to use the melody or the japanese girl voice, or the melody.
You can also choose to use both at the same time to make some noise!!! lol

⭐Universal fit. Very easy to set up, black wire is always used because is the ground. Then there are 2 wires, each trigger the different melody, so test them and choose the one you prefer! The selected melody wire needs to be attached to your back light wire (reverse), basically the one for the reverse light bulb. (if you want to you can also put a switch to turn it on or off, but that's custom so up to you)

⭐Melodies available:
-Japanese minimarket "Daishushu"
-Electrical parade
-Lupin the Third
-My friend Totoro "walks"
-Battleship Yamato (from Star Blazers)
Common to any unit is the Japanese Girl voice!
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