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SpeedStar MK3 wheels - JDM Import

SpeedStar MK3 wheels - JDM Import

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⭐Beautiful SpeedStar MK3 all original and unrestored! 

⭐Very cool wheels from the 80's that suit perfectly japanese cars but also import cars, examples are Mazda Miata, Bmw E30, E36 etc. (by using adapters)


14inches 6.5J Offset+7 FRONT, PCD 4x114.

14inches 7,5J Offset+19 REAR, PCD 4x114.

Front wheels are silver color, and the rears are painted black.

Unrestored state but in GOOD conditions, the 2 painted wheels will have the color stripped and new hardware! They have some scratches, very small curb rash. Bare in mind that wheels can have small distorsions because we don't have the tools to test them. Check the photos. (tyres not included!) NEW HARDWARE WILL BE INCLUDED FOR THE SILVER PAIR!

Made by Speed Star in the 80's and 90's.

⭐Can be purchased also as a pair! 

SHIPPING: Silver wheels pair is in our Italy warehouse. Black wheels pair can be shipped from Japan by boat until 18/03/24, after that it will arrive in our Italy warehouse by container (2 month wait)

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